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Welcome Creatives!

Welcome to The Holistic Fox Creative Blog.

Here you will find thoughts and experiences regarding a wide array of creative topics, ranging from crafting projects to entertainment reviews.

I’m Lisa, your host here. I’m typically known across the web as Holistic Fox. As an artistic type, I find value as well as creative opportunity in a variety of methods and circumstances. My artist toolkit is an experimental and fluid mix of digital and tactile components. My mind is ever turning with ideas and possibilities inspired by the world around me and through the shared experiences of other creatives. I’d love it if you would join me in my creative adventuring – through this blog, through my Patreon, and through social media! To learn more about what it is to be a creative and the sort of things I create, see this page.

The Holistic Fox Creative is about embracing the collective nature of our creative interests and blending various styles in such a way that expands our everyday skill and practice. It’s about finding and exploring new ways to express our amazing creative voices! It’s about having fun, sharing ideas with the world, and thinking about things in deeper ways. And, it’s about making connections with other creatives through collaborations and shared artistic interests. If this seems like something that resonates with you, if you consider yourself a crafty adventurer, imaginative explorer, or an intuitive creator – then come learn, experience, and participate in the creative arts world with me. Thanks for being here!


This blog covers a number of related creative topics:

Gardening & Garden Art.

Journaling, Planners, & Creative Prompts.

Drawing & Graphic Illustrated Art.

DIY, Crochet, & Sewing.

Written Word Art & Typography.

Movies, Music, and Literature.

Software & App Based Creations.

Content Creation Advice.

Product and Service Reviews.

Art Created with Various Mediums & Methods.

Creative Tutorials, Entertainment or Product Reviews, Lists, & Giveaways.


If you are interested in covering one of these topics in a guest article for this Holistic Fox Creative Blog, please Contact Me – I’m actively seeking writers on an “exposure only” basis (at this time). This means, in return for your guest content, I will promote you and that content through this blog and through my social media accounts.

~For writers who publish 2 articles with me, I will also do a feature post on them to support and promote their work or special project.~

If it’s a part of the creative arts world, I’m interested. So, bring me your ideas. Any articles submitted must not be published elsewhere. Though, they may contain links to related areas of your own blog or other works, projects, or products. I prefer that products are your own, but if you use affiliate linked products in your article you must ensure the following:

*If any of your links are affiliate links, you are responsible for ensuring that you are meeting the policies set forth by those product hosts – and – you must include clear notice within your article that you are promoting an affiliate link. Articles with more than one affiliate link are subject to denial. Any affiliate link mentioned in an article must be clearly related to the topic and must add value to the content. 

When you submit an article, please ensure that you have included your bio as well as any images or hyper-links that should be included. If your article or content submission is accepted, I will post it to the blog here and schedule it to publish that same week. Once published, if you require changes – just let me know and I will alter it accordingly! I will not edit your writing, except when necessary for readability (spelling, grammatical errors, addition of bolded headlines, placing necessary hyperlinks, etc.).

Don’t be shy – contact me – I just know we’ll have fun collaborating together! I will never ask you about your social media or blog “numbers” – I don’t care if you’re just starting out with ten followers or been around forever with 10 million followers. What I care about is the fun of the collaborative creative process and an authentic joining of creative ideas. If you are dedicated to your art and service to others, I’m interested in YOU.


Be sure to connect with me on Social Media:



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