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What is a Creative?


A creative is like an artist, but an artist who isn’t necessarily bound to one art form or recognized through a specific artistic style, medium, or technique. Usually, when people hear the term artist it is immediately assumed that they either draw, paint, sculpt, or illustrate. Some artists will take on descriptives such as digital artist, graphic artist, or multi-media artist. Such descriptive titles are great for those who really do focus on one aspect of artistic creation and skill-honing. But some artists are not so easily boxed in to one art-form and are therefore more difficult to label.

A creative is someone who looks at their surroundings and sees possibilities, someone who can take miscellaneous parts and put them together in a new fashion, someone who wants to explore the many avenues of skill and thought to find alternative expressions. A creative is someone who creates, but isn’t bound by any one category, tool, medium, skill, or knowledge base. No, they want to know how things work on the other side, they want to experience the art of creating with their own senses, and they are drawn to try things outside of their comfort zone.

The creative is focused on the idea of something and seeks to learn how to bring it into existence. When they come into contact with a new piece of material, they may be drawn to it like a moth to a flame and when they touch it or handle it, they may begin to see the possibilities for it right there and then. It becomes an essential element that needs to be given a purpose – an expression.

Whatever methods that are found through that exploration of an idea or possibility become a part of their creative repertoire. If the pull to create is strong enough, there will be no hurdle too high to overcome… because the creative is able to see from various angles and is often very good at coming up with alternative ways of accomplishing a task.

Many things can be creative. Flower arrangement is just as much an art as any other creative expression. The same is true for things like furniture restoration – if you’ve ever seen what happens inside a woodworking shop, then you know just how true this is. What really makes something an art-form is the acquired skill, the intention behind a thing’s creation, and the personal touches of inspiration that give it a quality of uniqueness.

What do you think – does this sound like you? Are you a creative? What are some of the ways that you’ve learned to express ideas through art and creation? What’s the last material or creative idea that called to you to help give it purpose?

Why Do I Create?

I suppose it could be argued that since I come from a long line of creatives and spent a good portion of my life being influenced by creative types that my inclination toward such things is simply the natural result of that nurturing. And well, I can see how my family probably did have a lot to do with my creative outlook.

My mother, both grandmothers, father and grandfather were all sewers (various levels of skill).

My paternal grandfather was a brick-layer (mason) and could build anything.

My maternal grandfather was a sheet-metal worker and antique furniture restorer – he also repaired antique dolls, made jewelry, repaired watches, and he could paint – he understood art. Hw was also a musician; he could play the organ, dobro, and guitar.

My paternal grandmother was a quilter and made clothing for her family and canned foods.

My maternal grandmother did a lot of smocking and made doll dresses, jewelry, lamps, and she also was a painter.

My father was what they call a “jack of all trades” – he was an electrician, but he could do just about everything related to construction. He understood architecture from both a residential and an industrial perspective. He also built furniture and frames, restored antiques, and resilvered mirrors. My dad was also obsessed with technology. He loved television, movies, photography, videography, computers, and gadgets of all kinds.

My mother was an expert crocheter and she could also knit – it just wasn’t her preference. She was seamstress level with sewing. She embroidered, quilted, restored dolls, and made wreaths. She loved craftworks of all varieties and collected a wide array of materials simply because she recognized the usefulness of them in various arts and saw the possibilities they held.

Music was also a big part of self expression in my family. The first cassette tape I ever owned was Flight of the Bumblebee. I would listen to it while I played with my Barbies. My dad was a bit of a hippie. He wore bell bottomed blue jeans until the 1990’s and he loved the rock n roll vibe of what he called oldies – from the 50’s and 60’s mostly. My mom loved country music and had a huge organized collection of cassette tapes. She always had music playing – when she cooked, crocheted, sewed, or just while cleaning the house or playing cards. My brother Terry is a guitarist and I experienced his love and practice of metal music. My grandfather played several musical instruments very well and loved Bluegrass and Country music. When I was young, MTV entered the scene, so there I was exposed to a variety of genres. There is no type of music that I can’t find something to like about it.

Most of my interests were inspired by experiences with my parents and other members of my family. Some of my interests stemmed from cultural and generational experience as well as personal experiences. I would say that my love for the written word is something I found on my own through personal experience. No one in my family or close circles was particularly taken by books or writing as an art the way that I was. I first knew I wanted to write when I was twelve. I came to the understanding that people could touch and change lives through the power of their words on paper and that is what called to me. Also, I’ve always sought a way to express what was inside and writing can lead to deep personal insights – as with other arts, it can be healing.

So, I create so that I can heal – so I can feel whole – so that I can connect on a deeper level with my environment and other people – so I can release what wants to be shed – so I can turn confusion and chaos into comfort and beauty. I create in order to leave pieces of me behind, like breadcrumbs on the trail of where I’ve been, hoping that someone will see and notice – perhaps even appreciate and identify with the story I’ve told through those fallen pieces of me. I create also so that I can affect others in a positive and nurturing way. I want to inspire and learn and experience the creative with others who are drawn to self-expression through artistic endeavors.

What kinds of Art do I create?

I’m a writer and I enjoy a variety of styles, including poetry and cerebral explorations of life. I rarely write fiction, though I have enjoyed reading fiction on a number of occasions.

I tend to write in order to teach or to explain. To keep it simple, I’m a non-fiction writer. I love reference, instructional, and self-improvement texts. I tend to write pertaining to the ideas of metaphysics, science, and entrepreneurial topics. The main focus of anything I produce through writing is to teach and provide guidance to those searching for something.

I have a passion for journaling and love to create journals, both guided and intuitive. I enjoy coming up with creative prompts. Right now I’m doing a series of 52 Creative Prompts for my Patreon page and when it’s completed, I will make it available via download.

I’ve been writing since I was young, but I would say that I didn’t really come into my mature voice until somewhere around my mid-20s. That’s when I found my real love for teaching and speaking my truth through sharing written words. I was inspired by great entrepreneurial, spiritual, and self-help authors. I knew that is what I wanted to work toward. For many years I studied, but I was afraid to show who I was and what I knew to the world…so I waited. Periodically, I submitted articles and poetry to various small publications, newsletters, and websites. But I kept myself hidden, like the fox at the edge of a forest. The older I got though, the more difficult it became to be silent and unseen. Through a series of life events, my confidence and ambition grew too large to contain. To keep a long story short for this posting, I have since let much of myself loose through the sharing of my shorter written works, various art, and this blog. I also have several book projects in the finalization process – and many others in the first stages of development.

I love photography and photo manipulation and enhancement. I typically utilize programs like Snapseed and PhotoShop. I also use Illustrator for making vector images. I enjoy art in a variety of forms, so I make things like photoshop brushes, logos, and other design elements. I also like to draw, paint, and woodburn.

In addition to this, I am a spiritual artist. Some of the things I make include meditation/prayer beads, dreamcatchers, medicine bags, prayer shawls, and guided meditations. 

I like sewing, crochet, DIY and upcycling projects, and making walking sticks. I’ve also experimented with candle-making, resin arts, and bead-making.

It’s probably clear by now that creative expression and artistic exploration is a huge part of who I am. Everything I do is somehow tied in to my love of all things creative.

Recently, my love of the video arts world has inspired me to begin experimenting with things like cinemagraph making and stop-motion.

On what platforms do I make my art available?

Over the years I’ve mostly worked as a Freelancer, lending my skills to people in business and social organizations. At times, I made designs for print on demand campaigns. And, a lot of what I’ve done has been for specific writing projects that have yet to be released. 

For now, I make some of my works available through this blog and through the sites listed below. This includes my new Patreon page where I provide early release of certain projects and exclusive access to some of my art in its various forms. 

Holistic Fox Patreon

Holistic Fox Creative Designs

Stay tuned for additional links.

I plan to release some of my work in video format via my YouTube channel by next year. 

What do I hope to achieve through my art?

The most important objective I mean to achieve here and through other forums is that of connection. I want to connect with other creative spirits through my words and art. I hope to inspire others to live their creative passions and to explore their own interests through various expressions.