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As a creative entrepreneur, I love brainstorming and developing new ideas. This is actually one hobby that my husband and I enjoy doing together. From writing eBooks and designing educational games to developing business ideas and exploring entrepreneurial ventures, we are in it the whole way together because this is how we help each other grow and succeed in life. There’s really no way we could ever do everything we dream up all on our own. For us, the most fun is in the creating.

Recently, we’ve taken to carving out these ideas that come to us through the art of domain naming and flipping. As a long time student of real estate and a website enthusiast, I suppose this was just the natural next step.

On this page you’ll find all of the domain names we currently have up for sale. The logos and website visions featured through these sample pages are a look into what these online homes could potentially be. Take a look around – maybe you’ll find something you love. Just click on the links provided to see the idea come to life. Envision what you could make from the base idea. I hope you’ll find your inspiration here. Thank you for your support – remember to share if you see something you really like.

Welcome to HFC’s Digital Estates.

More on the way!